Sully as a Learning Organisation

At Sully Primary school we recognise the importance of engaging all staff in continuous professional learning. As such:

  • New staff receive induction and mentoring support.
  • Professional learning is focused on student learning and school goals.
  • Staff are fully engaged in identifying the aims and priorities for their own professional learning.
  • Professional learning challenges thinking as part of changing practice.
  • Professional learning connects work-based learning and external expertise.
  • Professional learning is based on assessment and feedback.
  • Time and other resources are provided to support professional learning.
  • The school’s culture promotes and supports professional learning.


  • Current examples of the ways in which this can be seen in action are as follows:

    • Mrs Basar, Mrs Thomas, Mrs Bridge, Mrs Chinneck and Mrs Rees-Williams continue to develop their HLTA roles within the school and are effectively covering teacher’s planning, preparation and assessment (PPA) time on a weekly basis.
    • Mrs Parry is currently on a two year career break to further her understanding of education within an International setting. Mrs Parry is teaching in Egypt in an International School and is in regular contact with both the pupils and staff of Sully.
    • Our Deputy Headteacher and Additional Learning Needs Coordinator (ALNCo), Miss Harries, is currently attending numerous courses and training events in order to assist us in our approach to effectively implementing the new Additional Learning Needs Bill which will come into place in January 2022.
    • Mrs Waddington is currently undertaking ‘the Newly Appointed and /or Acting Headteacher Pathway’. This two year course will further equip Mrs Waddington with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively manage and strategically lead a high performing school.
    • Miss Harries & Mrs Waddington continue to undertake the role of external mentor for Newly Qualified Teachers across the Consortium.
    • Mrs Morgan and Miss Price have recently taken up their senior management positions within the school and will work within the SMT to ensure our school continues to develop and thrive.
    • Sully PS has recently been awarded Lead School Partnership Status with Cardiff Met University and The University of South Wales. As well as hosting student teachers from both universities, we will also be delivering training on a variety of pedagogical areas for up to 20 students and assisting them with their approach to action research.
    • Miss Gilmore has recently joined the Senior Management Team and is coordinating our approach to International Studies and Modern Foreign Languages.

    • All staff are undertaking learning opportunities which are linked to our current School Improvement Plan. This includes staff gaining a deeper understanding of the additional learning needs of the pupils in their class by carrying out action research on relevant additional needs focus areas i.e.  dyscalculia/dyslexia/ASD/ADD.