Present – Carlie Williams, Vicky Judd, Sharon Teear, Julie Perrott, Katie Armitage, Shelley
Harries, Andrea Waddington

Discussion points:
● Parents passed on thanks for a great start to the school year with pupils taking part in
Forces Fitness activities and the Samba workshop. The children had enjoyed and
parents were grateful for the effort taken to organise such activities so early in the school
year. These sentiments have been passed onto staff.

● Parents passed on thanks to teachers for doing a fabulous job in difficult circumstances.
They are aware that with rising covid cases within the school, staff are putting
themselves on the front line and being exposed to high level risk on a daily basis.

● Parents questioned the use of bubbles at lunchtime and if this would be a permanent
arrangement. School explained the need for adaptations to initial organisational
arrangements at both play and lunchtimes in light of the current situation in relation to
covid. These would be temporary changes and we hope to return to ‘normal’ operating
practices as soon as possible.

● Parents raised concerns that Welsh wasn’t being taught enough within the school and
the need for frequent exposure and repetition to increase language skills. School
explained the approach to teaching Welsh including the use of a daily Helpwr Heddiw,
Cymraeg Bob Dydd (a 10 minute daily Welsh language session) alongside the usual
Welsh lessons.

● Parents raised concerns that portion sizes at lunch time were still not big enough for
some children. School explained that we currently have an interim cook and that portion
sizes have increased, however the kitchen staff are tied to following nutritional guidance
set out by the local authority in relation to portion sizes.

● Parents raised concerns about menu choices. School explained that there had been
some changes to the school menu before the summer holidays, including the
introduction of chicken casserole. This was an unpopular choice with the children with a
large number of pupils choosing baguettes on this day. Parents were keen for such
choices to remain on the menu so that pupils were exposed to such choices on a more
regular basis. AW will speak to Big Fresh.

● Parents raised concerns that many parents were entering the school site without
wearing face coverings. School explained that they had requested for parents to wear
face coverings when entering the school site, however, as this is not currently statutory,
the school cannot insist that all parents follow this advice.

● Parents asked why the school had stopped the staggered start approach to the
beginning and end of the school day. School explained that they were able to make
those changes during the covid pandemic as the Welsh Government had temporarily
allowed schools to adapt their teaching hours. This power ceased at the end of July
2021 and as a result the school has needed to revert to previous start and finish times.

● Parents asked whether it was likely that the Year 6 pupils would be able to attend their
usual residential trip to Abernant this year. School explained that the trip had been
booked and that there would be a meeting for parents shortly.

● Pupils asked whether Year 6 pupils would have the opportunity to visit Stanwell this
year. School explained that the first pupil visit should be taking place in October,
however, due to rising covid cases this could be a virtual visit. It is hoped that further
visits will take place face-to-face.

● Parents asked if the school had any guidance in relation to whether pupils should still
have the flu jab if they have recently had covid. The school did not have an answer to
this query but said they would find out.

● The meeting ended with parents reiterating their thanks to the school and staff.