Parent Forum 20/04/21


Present – Lucy Small, Vicki Judd, Vikki Evans, Andrea Waddington, Shelley Harries, Tanzia Shaikh, Hannes Hansen-Magnussen.



Discussion points:

  • A parent asked whether parents would usually be informed about children being taken out of the classroom for extra support. AW explained that the school has employed additional staff at the moment and the majority of pupils are being targeted for some aspect of their learning. AW reassured parents that if there were any issues parents would certainly be informed.
  • A parent asked if any additional teachers had been employed and who would be teaching classes on different days. AW explained that staff were now in specific bubbles which has meant that some LSAs have had to move to a different contact bubble to keep the school as covid-secure as possible.
  • A parent was very impressed with the new signage placed outside the school encouraging parents to park and interact in a safe way.
  • Breakfast Club – When will it restart? AW explained that we have not got the space in the hall at the moment to keep bubbles at appropriate distance apart. Also, we currently haven’t got enough staff to adequately staff breakfast club while ensuring that staff remain within a contact bubble. When guidance changes we will look to alter our plans.
  • School meals – Will there be a cap on the price of school meals? They seem to be rising in 5p increments with no increase in portion sizes. Some parents again raised concerns about children still being hungry after they have eaten their lunch. AW will raise this with Big Fresh. Other parents said that they were happy with the choices on the school menu and that their children enjoy the meals. VJ explained that she had been part of a steering group looking at school meals a couple of years ago and that the nutritional values of each meal was carefully monitored.
  • A Year 3 parent asked if it would it be possible for the class to enter school with parents on the playground? AW talked through some issues surrounding this eg Year 2 and 1/2 would also need to enter the school if this was the case which would make it difficult to separate class bubbles. We hope that new guidance will be issued to allow us to alter our plans although currently any changes were not feasible.
  • PE lessons in KS2 – A parent asked why some PE lessons had been missed over recent weeks. AW said she would look into this as PE lessons should be taking place every week.
  • VJ said that many parents had offered their thanks for the work carried out by teachers during the period of school closure.
  • Transition to Stanwell – parents were keen to ensure pupils are able to have some transition sessions in person at Stanwell. AW will continue to liaise with Stanwell and the cluster to try to ensure that the Year 6 pupils have as many transition opportunities as possible.
  • Parents asked about whether annual events such as cycle proficiency and swimming lessons will take place this year. AW explained that currently we are not allowed to take pupils on buses but we would continue to monitor guidance to see if there are any changes.



Next meeting will again be held at 6pm. Details will be communicated in the newsletter.