Parent Forum – 11/01/22

Present – Vicky Judd, James Darlington, Sue Copner, Andrea Waddington, Shelley Harries

Discussion points:

  • Points from the previous meeting were discussed.
    • School explained that parents/carers could request a longer meeting with a teacher during parent/carer-teacher consultations if they felt it necessary. School also explained that they hoped to offer the option of a face-to-face meeting or a virtual meeting if covid restrictions allowed. This would allow parents to choose the option that best suited them.
    • No other parent had approached the school expressing disappointment in relation to the quality of the most recent school photos. A parent suggested that comparing the number of photos that were ordered to the number ordered last year might give a good indication about how satisfied families were with the photos.
    • The school has written a draft relationships policy focusing on promoting positive relationships and empathy within school. The draft policy will be shared with all stakeholders in due course and amendments made as necessary.
  • A parent who is relatively new to the school thanked school staff for helping their child to settle into school so well.
  • Parents congratulated the school on how well the pupils have settled back into school following their breaks from school due to covid restrictions and how well the covid restrictions have been managed within the school.
  • Some parents have raised concerns about one of the Year 6 teachers leaving the school mid year. School reassured parents that the transition from teacher to teacher would be as smooth as possible and that they would ensure that the new teacher was able to meet the class and spend time with the current teacher before they left. Other parents provided reassurance about how resilient children are and how easily they adapt to changes.
  • Parents wanted to thank the music teachers for sending home a CD of pupils performing various songs.
  • Parents thanked the school for recording recent meetings and uploading them onto the school website. The new curriculum powerpoint was mentioned and was found to be both informative and interesting.
  • Parents are also happy that the planning for each class is again available on the school website as this gives parents an understanding of what the children have been learning about and allows them to discuss learning at home.
  • A parent raised concerns about the impact of covid restrictions on pupils’ well-being. The school explained that they are duty bound to follow the guidelines put in place by both the Welsh Government and the Local Authority. They reassured parents that the well-being of pupils is at the forefront of their minds and that any operational changes made within the school would be made with the best interests of all pupils.