Present: Shelley Harries, Vicky Judd, Paula Davies-Ball, Katie Armitage, Sarah Evans, Kate Cannon, Lucy Kettlety, Amanda Matthews, Lydia Baker.


Vicky Judd was nominated as chairperson for the Parent Forum.


Clubs – Still need clarity on newsletters about whether a club is happening each week.

Twitter – Parents felt that there were less tweets on Twitter at the moment and also a disparity between year groups.

Engine idling – Engine idling is attracting media attention at the moment and this issue was raised at the last parent forum. Parents agreed that it was a definite issue outside of school although was a difficult issue to address. SH will talk to the Eco llais group about the possibility of raising awareness of this issue.

School Meals – Some parents raised issues with the lack of vegetarian options available on the school menu. Other parents were happy with the current menu and felt that days when the main option was a vegetarian option eg mac and cheese and Quorn burger, was a positive move. Some parents were concerned that pupils were not receiving their ‘choices’ when they arrived at the kitchen and others raised points about the quantity of food and the nutritional value of some meals. Two parents talked about their involvement in the consultation into school meals during the previous academic year and the information that they had gained from being involved in that process. They reported that all school meals had to pass nutritional guidelines and that the process of selecting school meals was rigorous. SH explained that pupils select their meals at the beginning of the day and so the appropriate meals should be available for pupils when they arrive for lunch. Some members of the forum were also midday supervisors and were able to outline the lunchtime process to parents. Some parents would like the opportunity to come and share meal times with pupils to gain a better understanding of some of the issues raised.

Sporting Success – One parent raised the point that the success of different sports teams was not celebrated in school and there was disparity between the celebration of musical success and sporting success. This was also thought to be the case during the Year 6 leaver’s concert. SH explained that all successes should be celebrated in assembly.

Year 4 Toilets – Parents raised concerns about the lack of toilet facilities in the Year 4 outdoor classroom. One parent suggested the use of a chemical toilet could be an idea.

Coronavirus – Parents were naturally concerned about the coronavirus and the need to remain vigilant in relation to the spreading of germs. SH explained that the school was following advice given by Public Health Wales which is updated daily at 3pm and would continue to do so. Pupils have been encouraged to bring water bottles into school to avoid cross contamination when using plastic cups. One parent signposted the school to a Newsround video about the virus and the importance of effective handwashing.

Clothes Drop Off – The PTA were concerned about adverse weather conditions forecasted for tomorrow in relation to the clothes being dropped off by parents getting wet. SH suggested that the canopy in the staff car park and the greenhouse to be used to store clothes. Some bags could be stored in the Year 3 corridor although the PTA would need to be mindful of not blocking fire exits.

Welsh Hearts – One parent raised the possibility of Welsh Hearts coming to school to teach the children basic CPR skills. SH was happy for this to happen.

Makaton – One parent raise the possibility of pupils being taught basic Makaton signs to aid communication within school. SH explained that we had been recognised as a Makaton friendly school during the last academic year.

Social Media –Parents raised concerns about the rise in the use of social media particularly the use of the app TikTok. Parents were particularly concerned with body shaming, inappropriate use of language and bullying that can happen using this app. SH explained that the use of social media by young pupils is rising and that teaching appropriate use of social media forms part of our current curriculum eg PSE lessons, e-safety and through work with the School Beat scheme. It was suggested that parent workshops would be beneficial to raise awareness.

PTA – PTA members were keen to know what they would be fundraising for during this academic year so that parents were clear about what their money would be funding.



Ensure clear communication in relation to after school clubs via the weekly newsletter.

Reminder to be given to staff about the need to celebrate success on Twitter in all year groups.

SH to speak to CP about eco club raising awareness of engine idling.

SH to speak to the kitchen staff to outline some of the issues raised in relation to school meals.

AW to continue to liaise with the Vale Council about the lack of toilet facilities in the Year 4 classroom.

AW to show coronavirus Newsround video in next whole-school assembly.

SH to organise Year 6 pupils to help with clothes drop tomorrow.

SH to look into the possibility of parents’ workshops in relation to social media.

SH to discuss PTA fundraising with staff.


Next Meeting –

02/06/20 @ 9am