Parent Forum



Present – Vicky Judd, Andrea Waddington, Shelley Harries


Discussion points:

  • Parents/Carers Meetings – Feedback was given relating to the new virtual system that was used for parent/carer meetings this year. The vast majority of feedback was extremely positive due to the ease of logging on, the ability to log in from work, no need to wait around etc. Some parents felt like they needed a longer appointment although most felt that 10 minutes was sufficient. The school explained that many parents/carers left notes on the system that could be read by teachers prior to the meeting and that this had helped to steer the content of the meeting. Parents/carers were reminded that they are welcome to book an additional appointment if they feel this is necessary in the future.
  • School photos – One parent was not happy about the quality of the school photos taken this year. School explained that they have used the same company for many years but would await further feedback and consider other companies for further photos.
  • Behaviour policy – The school’s behaviour policy was discussed. The school explained that while the current policy is reviewed regularly, they were keen to change the policy to a ‘Relationships Policy’. The policy would continue advocating a positive approach to managing behaviour and would ensure that the expectations in relation to behaviour were clear and concise.


Date of next meeting:


11th January 2022 at 2pm