Parent Forum 01/02/21


Present – Andrea Waddington, Shelley Harries, Liz Britton, Becky Turner, Mrs Guo, Vicky Judd


Apologies – Vicky Evans, Katie Armitage


Discussion points-

  • Minutes from the last meeting were discussed and the actions taken towards them.
  • Music lessons – all music lessons had restarted before the end of the autumn term and many are now taking place virtually.
  • Safety issues – a safe walking path has now been created on the ‘beach lane’ making a safer walking route to school for parents and pupils.
  • Wet days – since the last meeting a rubber matting has been placed across the school field to allow pupils a dry walking route into school. The Sully Council have also laid grit near the gate in the bottom field. This has helped to make walkways safer on wetter days.
  • School meals – issues raised in relation to school meals have been shared with the kitchen staff.
  • Sports provision – issues raised in relation to PE lessons have been passed on to relevant staff members.


  • Remote Learning IT issues – parents mentioned that some links or documents used for remote learning have not opened etc. SH explained that we have had some technical issues with some platforms but hopefully these have now been rectified.
  • Check in sessions – some parents thought that 3 check in sessions during each day was too many. SH explained that check in sessions were optional, with no obligation for pupils to attend all 3. These sessions are primarily a chance to see friends and teachers and a chance to ask questions related to remote learning tasks. Many children are only able to attend certain sessions each day and we would take this opportunity away from pupils if we reduced the number of sessions. The structure of check in sessions can differ depending on the needs of different year groups.



  • Next meetings – SH suggested that we could meet once every half term if parents felt that this would be beneficial. VJ suggested we alternate the timings of meetings to allow working parents to attend. Date and time for next meeting will be communicated via weekly newsletter.