Learning Assets at Sully Primary School


  • Resilient learners:

    • have a growth mindset and see mistakes as an important part of learning.
    •  can persevere and work through difficulties when the going gets tough.
    •  recognise and reduce distractions to create the best environment for learning.
    •  are absorbed in what they are doing.


Resourceful learners:

  •  are ready to learn in a range of different ways.
  •  know what to do when they are stuck.
  •  use a range of resources from the wider world – books, other people, previous experiences and the internet.
  • make links and see connections with previous learning and experiences.


Reflective learners:

  •  think of themselves as learners and how they might improve.
  • can set and work towards achieving targets.
  • know what they need to do in order to achieve their own personal targets.
  • can use success criteria to give an honest opinion about their work and the work of others.


Curious learners:

  • have a desire to know more about a topic.
  • have a thirst for learning.
  • are keen to continue their learning in school or at home.
  • ask relevant questions to further their knowledge or understanding.
  • are actively engaged in lessons.



Collaborative learners:

  • work with others on shared goals, questions and challenges.
  • actively listen and respect other people’s views.
  • are able to take on different roles within a team.
  • understand how their behaviour can affect others (show empathy).