International Explorers

We are a group of enthusiastic and caring pupils who love learning about our world. Our aim is to help everyone at Sully Primary to learn more about the world around them. We will organise special events so that everyone can learn more about life in other countries. This may include trying new foods, celebrating different festivals and communicating with children in schools all around the world. We know how important it is to appreciate and value different cultures and beliefs and we will try our best to help pupils at Sully Primary to have as many opportunities to experience different cultures as possible.

Some of the international activities at Sully Primary this year include:                                                  

  • An international languages project with our partner schools in Italy and Portugal.
  • A partnership project with our new partner school in Nepal about reducing waste.
  • A visit from teachers at our partner school Tangalle Primary in Sri Lanka.
  • A special China Week to celebrate Chinese New Year.
  • International Languages Week to encourage others to experience a new language.