International Links

Erasmus+ Activities

Growing with Growth Mindset

This project has helped our school to develop resilience and confidence. As a whole school we looked at what having a growth mindset means: we should believe we are capable of achieving anything if we work hard and persevere. We worked with children in schools in Turkey, Portugal and Czech Republic to share ideas, find out about new ways of learning and to learn more about the world around us.

‘Learn It, Use It, Share It’

This is a very exciting project in which we have been developing our digital skills, but also our teamwork and curiosity. We welcomed pupils from our partner schools in Romania, Turkey, Portugal and Czech Republic to spend time learning alongside our pupils in Key Stage 2. This was a great opportunity to meet new people from different countries and to learn more about the world around us. After this, pupils in Year 6 went to visit our partner schools and spent a week going to school in a different country. They took part in a variety of lessons and activities, particularly digital competence lessons.

‘It’s Time to Talk’

This is a project based around developing our use of international languages. We are working alongside our partner schools in Italy and Portugal to learn more about other languages and become more confident using Italian and Portuguese, as well as developing our Welsh language skills. We were very excited when our partners from Italy and Portugal came to visit our school. During the visit we taught them lots of words and phrases in Welsh, we spent time getting to know each other, and we learnt lots about life in Italy and Portugal. We are now planning our own Year 6 trips to Italy and Portugal where we will take part in Italian and Portuguese language lessons and visit the local area to learn more about life in those countries.

Connecting Classrooms

Tangalle Primary, Sri Lanka

We have been working with Tangalle Primary in Sri Lanka for several years. We have worked together on a variety of projects focusing on different Global Goals. Our projects so far have been about world hunger and human rights and we have created posters, pictures, letters and other joint projects which we have shared with each other in order to improve our literacy, numeracy and communication skills, but also we have learnt more about the wider world.

Swati Sadan School, Kathmandu, Nepal

Our International Explorers Llais Group are working with Swati Sadan School to learn more about how we can reduce waste. We are learning all about the impact of waste on our world and what different countries are doing to tackle this problem. Our research is also helping us to learn more about the issue of plastic in our world. We are enjoying sharing information about our schools with each other through letter writing and video chats and this is helping us to improve our literacy and communication skills.

International Languages

Throughout our school we are developing our language skills. We have daily Welsh language sessions and regular Welsh lessons which are extremely important to help us learn more about our place as people living in Wales. We also value our place in the wider world and therefore we enjoy learning other languages from around the world. All children take part in regular Chinese craft or Mandarin language lessons and we were very proud when last year some of our Year 5 and Year 6 pupils passed the entry level Mandarin QCF qualification offered by the WJEC. We are continuing to develop our Mandarin language skills this year. Pupils in Year 6 also take part in weekly Italian lessons and during their time in Year 6 learners write pen-pal letters to our link school in Italy.