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We are linked with Wanghai Primary School. This school is situated in Dalian, a large coastal city of China. The school has 1200 pupils age 3 to 12 years. Mrs Waddington visited the school during her recent trip to China as part of the Headteacher China Bridge Project.  Some pictures from the trip are shown below. This trip was funded by the British Council, its aim to enable Headteachers to observe teaching and learning, share good practice and foster partnership working between Wales and China.

Since this initial visit Chinese language students have visited the school and taught pupils about Chinese language and culture. All pupils thoroughly enjoyed these sessions, learning new skills in the art of paper cutting and carrying out morning drill exercises.

We have recently been awarded a further grant from the British Council to work with our partner school on a project based on the life and works of Shakespeare. This project includes close working with 3 schools from south Wales (Gilwern Primary Monmouthshire, Ysgol Plasmawr, Fairwater and Ysgol Bro Ederyn, Llanederyn) and a further 3 schools in Dalian.