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Croeso and welcome to the Sully Senedd page.  Together we work hard to improve our school for pupils, staff and parents.  We are Gabriella, Elliot, Isabelle, Evan, Ffion, Josh, Eleanor, Barney, Arthur, William, Lily, Iwan, Sydney, Carter, Tayah-Rae, Pietro, Lola, Trystan, Isla-Rose and John.

What does the Sully Senedd do?

As Sully Senedd members we work together to make children’s ideas heard.  Two Sully Senedd members have been elected to be Super Ambassadors, they are Oliver and Katie and they have a special mission to promote the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).  We have meetings to decide many different things; in the Sully Senedd there is a First Minister, a Deputy-First Minister and a Minister of Finance who all do different but important jobs.  In the Sully Senedd our goal is to make the school a more fun yet educational school.

Every term, we report our work to the Headteacher who invites us for a high tea.

How do you become a member?

To become a member of the Sully Senedd you get voted in by your class who each have a vote for a boy and a girl.  Firstly you have to think of a speech to say and then they will vote for the ones they like best.

When do you meet?

We meet every half term.

How many members are there?

There are 20 Sully Senedd members, four from each year not including Reception or Year 1.