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Minutes 08/01/20

Parent Forum 08/01/20

Present: Shelley Harries, Vicky Judd

Apologies: Elizabeth Britton


Clubs – There was some confusion over whether clubs were happening this week.


Sanitary bins – Sanitary bins have now been installed in all girls toilets as discussed during the previous Parent Forum meeting.


Christmas concerts – Feedback from this year’s Christmas concerts was positive. VJ questioned whether Christmas is the right time to do a ‘big show’, however could see that any time of the year has both positive and negative points.


Engine idling – SH shared a letter from a parent in relation to ‘engine idling’ when dropping off and collecting pupils from school. VJ was aware of the issues in relation to this and would feedback to other Parent Forum members.


Immersion Days – Immersion days were discussed during the meeting. SH explained that some themes naturally leant themselves to a trip out of school while other themes would be started with an immersion day within school. All pupils would attend school trips related to their themes within an academic year.



Ensure clear communication in relation to after school clubs via the weekly newsletter.


Next Meeting –

Tuesday 3rd March 2020 @ 9.00am