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Lead Creative Schools

Lead Creative Schools

Once again we are delighted to have been selected as a Lead Creative School by the Arts Council of Wales. The Lead Creative Schools Scheme aims to promote new ways of working, with innovative and bespoke programmes of learning designed to improve the quality of teaching and learning.

The Lead Creative Schools Scheme works with schools to provide the creative people, skills and resources that are needed to help us address our priorities.


The scheme uses well-developed teaching and learning techniques that are specifically designed to be practical and relevant to real life curriculum demands. These techniques are informed by extensive research from around the world into what makes a high-performing school.


Lead Creative Schools nurtures and develops the creativity of learners so that they achieve their potential, grow as well-rounded individuals and are prepared with skills for life.


We want to make sure that in a rapidly-changing world, our children and young people are able to meet the needs of the economy and to thrive within the increasingly competitive environment of day to day life.


The Lead Creative Schools Scheme will continue to allow Sully PS to enter into a long-term programme which aims to support us to:


  • work with Creative Practitioners in our classrooms to transform teaching and learning;
  • devise and implement a project or programme of work linked to our school improvement priorities;
  • find creative approaches to literacy, numeracy and to reducing the attainment gap between learners eligible for free school meals (eFSM) and their peers;
  • embed changes in teaching practice leading to sustainable impact;
  • put the arts and creativity at the heart of school life; and be recognised for our commitment to improvement through creative teaching and learning and the arts.


Funding for Lead Creative Schools comes from a £20 million budget allocated to support the implementation of Creative Learning through the Arts between 2015 and 2020. In total £10 million from Welsh Government has been allocated to match £10million in Lottery funding from the Arts Council of Wales.