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‘In it to Win it!’

Dear Parents & Carers,


Introducing “Sully School PTA In It to Win It”!


During these difficult times for everyone, the Sully Primary School PTA has not been able to carry out as much fundraising as in previous years. Last year we made over £3,000 in the Autumn / Spring terms, which was a great result and thanks to everyone who supported us, however this was much lower than in previous years due to the pandemic.


As the outlook for this year’s events and fundraising activities is uncertain we would like to suggest a NEW and EXCITING way that you could help with PTA fundraising, whilst having a chance to WIN substantial PRIZE MONEY if lots of parents get involved. You’ve got to be “In It to Win It”!


What’s it all about?


We are asking parents, as valuable supporters of Sully School PTA, to make a regular monthly donation of between £1 and £10 (or more if you wish!), via standing order, direct from your bank account to the PTA. In return for your kind donation you will be entered into a monthly prize draw where THREE lucky winners will have a chance of winning up to £300 each, every month, depending on their individual donation amount and the amount of parents who participate.


How much can I win?


  1. If for example you donate £5 a month and you win the prize draw you will win 5% of the prize fund.
  2. If you donate £10 per month and you win the prize draw you will win 10% of the prize fund.
  3. If 100 parents decided to donate £10 a month that will give a fund of £1,000;

a £10 donation winner will win £100 (10% of £1,000)

a £5 donation winner will win £50 (5% of £1,000)

  1. If 300 parents decide to each donate £10 a month that will give a fund of £3,000;

a £10 donation winner will win £300 (10% of £3,000)

a £5 donation winner will win £150 (5% of £3,000)


Please note: The prize fund could be higher or lower depending on donations. As you can see the more parents that donate the higher the potential win!


How do I get involved?


  1. Set up a monthly standing order from your bank account, for your donation amount, by using the PTA bank details below (Please enter your full name as the reference on the transaction so we can match your donation to your name in the draw)
  2. Complete the attached “Donation Commitment Form” and return by email to, so we know how to contact you if you are a winner
  3. To be entered in time for the November draw, ensure your standing order is set up and standing order commitment form is returned on or before 31st October 2020 (standing orders received after this date will be entered into future draws, starting in December 2020)
  4. Winners will be announced in the last school newsletter of the month and contacted directly by the PTA to organise payment of their prize


PTA Bank Details:


Sully School PTA (Barclays Account)

Account Number: 43941124

Sort Code: 20-18-27


We hope that lots of parents will be able to donate monthly, even if it’s just a small amount that you perhaps would have normally spent with the PTA at one of the regular PTA events that we can no longer hold; this term alone we’ll miss out on our Halloween Disco, Movie Night, Playground Sweet Sales, Nativity & Christmas Jumper Sales, Bath Christmas Market Trip, Jolly Bags and Party Wear Hire, which last year raised just over £3,000.


Even if you can’t normally support these events, but could sacrifice the price of one coffee a month for the chance to win a prize, whilst also supporting our lovely school, that would make a huge difference to the PTA in this very challenging time.


Every penny counts and all your donations go straight back to the school and are used to buy much needed equipment that directly benefit our children’s education and wellbeing.


Thank you so much in advance for supporting the “Sully School PTA In It to Win It” fundraiser. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via our email –


With best wishes




Sully School PTA