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Our rationale is to try to save the planet in any way we can, including teaching others about eco issues and how to help.  We will try to act responsibly and think of the planet in school and at home so that we all become more eco aware.  We also try to actively improve our environment for plants, animals and people.

Our job description is to:

  • Organise the recycling in the school. We recycle paper, card, plastic, toothbrushes, crisp packets, batteries and glass. 
  • Reduce our waste in school by picking up litter, turning off lights and monitoring that others do it too!
  • Give assemblies, make posters and tweet so that others know more about eco issues and how to help our environment
  • Actively make our world a better place by working with the community on mini projects



We want to know what you think!

If you have any comments, good or bad, about how Green Sully School is then we want to know. Maybe your child has brought ideas home to share. Maybe you have seen some good practice that you want to tell us about, or maybe you have some ideas that we could try! If you...

Sully School – 100% Waste Free!

We have some very exciting news to share! All of Sully School's rubbish is now used to generate energy. This, along with the recycling that we collect weekly, has enabled us to become a waste free school. We will obviously still try and reduce and reuse where we can,...

Waste-free lunches

The Eco council have been thinking about how to reduce the waste in school at lunchtime. Our bins are full of yogurt pots and sandwich wrappers, so they have come up with some ideas to help parents try to pack waste-free (or less waste) lunches. Take a look at this...

ECO council 2015-16

Our new ECO council for 2015-16 have been chosen, with representatives from every class from Y2-Y6. Our chairperson, Isaac Robinson, from Y6 has been elected by the council and will be working hard to ensure that Sully School keeps its excellent reputation for...