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Unfortunately Paired Reading will not take place on 28th February as the school hall will be in use that afternoon.

We have a variety of teams that represent our school in a number of different sports but our team kits are now looking very well used. We are hoping to replace our rugby, football, athletics and netball team kits. In order to help us do this, we are looking for local businesses to help us with sponsorship. We have already been able to secure two companies to help us, if you have any links with companies or have friends or family members able to support us, please do contact the school.

As part of our pollination project we now need to fill the planters with pollinating plants. We are asking as many of you as possible to bring in one (or more!) of the following plants on Monday 5th March, or as close to that date as possible: early heathers, bugle, crocus bulbs, rosemary, forget-me-nots, lavender, marjoram, aster, thyme, sedum, honeysuckle and late heather.

Maybe you have some of these in your garden that you could take a cutting of?

Please bring any plants to the area by the Snow Dog at the front of the school ready for planting on the 8th March. Thank you in advance, Miss Price.

Our whole-school attendance figure for the week is 92.0%. Please help us improve this figure.

Individual class figures are as follows:

JE 98.8%
SH 78.2%
DJ 92.3%
CH 94.5%
AB/SR 94.3%

HB 94.4%
LS/AM 98.8%
CP 95.6%
CDW 95.0%
JBz 82.4%
MP 90.0%
KM 97.6%
CMM 84.0%

So this week’s star attenders are Miss Eaton’s class in the Foundation Phase and Mrs Sheldon and Mrs Morgan’s class in KS2. Well done to them, they will get a reward after half-term!

We are in the process of updating our website. We know that communication between school and home is really important and we want to make sure that our website is working hard to help with that.

We’d really like to know what type of information you would like to see on the school website and any feedback about the site.

It would be great if you have time to have a look at the site over half term as we will dedicate our next Parent Forum meeting to getting your feedback on this. You can attend the meeting on Thursday 8 March at 2pm or send feedback

Don’t forget Parent Forum is open to all. We meet 3 times a year, and if you can’t make a meeting you can always email us. Each meeting focuses on a specific topic and you can also raise any other challenges and opportunities you think we should be talking about.

Year 6 parents are in the early stages of organising the leavers’ hoodies, and will have sample hoodies for your child to try on to check the size you require.

They will be available at the table tennis tables at the following dates/times
Monday 26th February 8.40am-8.50am & 3.20pm-3.40pm
Tuesday 27th February to Friday 2nd March from 8.40am-8.50am.

Mother’s Day
Did you know that last year at the Mother’s Day sale in the school the PTA wrapped 1700 gifts – yes you read it right, 1700 gifts for the children to buy and give to their mums!

So far we have had 100 donations, please can we ask that over half term you have a good rummage and see if there is anything else you can donate? As Mother’s Day is only a few weeks away, please can we ask for any donations of gifts to be taken into school by Friday 2nd March, labelled ‘PTA Mother’s Day’.

The gifts will be sold to the children on Friday 9th March ready for Mother’s Day, raising funds for the school and allowing the children to choose a lovely gift for their mum.

Easter Disco
Let your children come and have a dance at our PTA Easter Disco which will be held on Wednesday 28th March, between 4.00pm and 5.00pm for the Infants, and between 5.30pm and 6.30pm for the Juniors. Tickets will be £3 to include entry, a hot dog, a drink and a small doughnut.

We will also be having an Easter bonnet competition so get designing those hats!

Tickets will be on sale after half term by the PTA shed but places are strictly limited so don’t be disappointed – get your ticket early!

Murder Mystery Night
The PTA are hosting a night on the Titanic, and we invite you to come aboard and join us. Dress up in your finest outfits and come along to solve the murder – see the PTA as you have never seen them before!

Cocktails will be flowing on this marvellous night which will take place at Sully Old School on Saturday 21st April from 7.00pm to 11.00pm.

Tickets will cost £10 for which we will welcome you with a glass of fizz, and provide a gourmet selection of cheeses, pate, breads and more….

Tickets go on sale after half term at the PTA shed but are very limited. Don’t miss the boat!

Other upcoming events include:
28/03/18 – PTA Easter Disco
11/05/18 – PTA Sponsored Bounce and Spring BBQ
15/06/18 – PTA Fathers’ Day Gift Sale
07/07/18 – PTA Summer Fete

More details will follow closer to the date of each event.

28/02/18 – Paired Reading cancelled, hall in use

We will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible for all events, but please be aware that these dates could change nearer the time. * denotes an event added this week.

*01/03/18 – Nursery St David’s Day concerts
*06/03/18 – Reception children to Techniquest, details to follow
05/03/18 – 09/03/18 – Spring Book Fair in the school hall
*07/03/18 – Nursery Open Day
*08/03/18 – Nursery Open Day
*08/03/18 – Parent Forum Meeting, 2pm. See above.
09/03/18 – PTA Mothers’ Day Gift sale
*21/03/18 – Y3 and Y5 to Techniquest, details to follow
*28/03/18 – PTA Easter Disco, PAIRED READING CANCELLED
*29/03/18 – Y5 classes to Dow Corning, details to follow
29/03/18 – Last day of Spring Term
16/04/18 – First day of Summer Term
*21/04/18 – PTA Murder Mystery Night at Sully Old School, details to follow
11/05/18 – PTA Sponsored Bounce and Spring BBQ
14 – 18/05/18 – Y6 Residential trip to Abernant
28/05 – 01/06/18 – Summer Half-term holiday
15/06/18 – PTA Fathers’ Day Gift Sale
07/07/18 – PTA Summer Fete
20/07/18 – Last day of Summer term for Pupils
23/07/18 – INSET
24/07/18 – INSET

03/09/18 – INSET
04/09/18 – INSET
05/09/18 – First day of new academic year for pupils