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We look forward to seeing as many parents as possible, from Reception to Y6, at our Open Afternoons! They will take place on Tuesday 6th and Thursday 8th February. Please drop in for a 10 minute session any time between 2pm and 3.15pm. Please be advised that your children will need to return to class after you have looked at their books together and they will be dismissed by their teacher at the usual time.

We have just received the following from Clare Cameron, Principal Transport & Road Safety Officer for the Vale of Glamorgan:
‘I am pleased to advise that the new Puffin crossing on South Road, Sully, has been commissioned and is now operational. Therefore, I would be grateful if you could advise parents, guardians and students of the following:
* These lights have two sensors on top of the traffic lights (PCD pedestrian crossing detector and PKD pedestrian kerb detector). These sensors detect if pedestrians are crossing slowly and can hold the Red traffic light longer if needed. If a pedestrian presses the button but then walks off, the PCD will cancel the request making the lights more efficient upon pushing the button:
* If the road is clear of traffic or there is traffic approaching in the distance, out of the sensors path, then the lights will instantly change to a Green man
* At all other times it can take up to a maximum of 30 sec to change to a Green man.
* Road Safety GB School Crossing Patrol Guidelines state that it is unnecessary for School Crossing Patrol Officers (SCP’s) to work on Pelican, Puffin or Toucan crossings as they are, by definition, safer crossing facilities. However, as this is a new light-controlled crossing, the SCP officer will be on site this afternoon and Monday and Tuesday (5&6 February) next week just to ensure that children and parents use the facility correctly and will then be relocated.’

We are in the process of updating our website, We know that communication between school and home is really important and we want to make sure that our website is working hard to help with that.

We’d really like to know what type of information you would like to see on the school website and any feedback about the site.

It would be great if you have time to have a look at the site over half term as we will dedicate our next Parent Forum meeting to getting your feedback on this. You can attend the meeting on Thursday 8 March at 2pm or send feedback to

Don’t forget Parent Forum is open to all. We meet 3 times a year, and if you can’t make a meeting you can always email us. Each meeting focuses on a specific topic and you can also raise any other challenges and opportunities you think we should be talking about.

We have recently received a complaint from a member of our community regarding a parent parking in their private driveway and then walking their child to school without permission or an apology. The school is working on developing our role as a good neighbour, please help us by not parking illegally or thoughtlessly.

Miss Price and the school’s Eco Council are continuing to work on our pollination garden. In order to do this, they would be very grateful for donations of old golf balls. These will be painted and used to create ornaments for the garden, so the condition or colour is not important. Also, if anyone has a spare long piece of rope (10+ metres long and about 2cms diameter) they would also be able to put that to good use! Please send your donations in to Miss Price. Many thanks!

We would like to extend a warm welcome to the newest member of the Sully PS team, our new school cook, Mrs L. Morris. Mrs Morris is a highly experienced cook who has joined us from a school in a different authority. We look forward to working with her and continuing to enjoy delicious school meals.

Next week continues to be an extremely busy week in Sully PS. We will be celebrating Chinese culture and language by holding a ‘China week’ ahead of the Chinese New Year which takes place on Friday February 16th. We will also be marking Safer Internet Day on Tuesday. We hope the children will be able to inform you how they (and parents) can stay safe online…and maybe teach you a phrase or two of Mandarin?!

Mr Williams regularly meets members of our Governing Body and the school’s Challenge Advisor to discuss the school’s progress. Sully is a high performing school; this has been confirmed through our high standards across the school, the way in which we care for our pupils’ wellbeing and for the effective management of the school.

As a result of the above discussions, the school’s improvement capacity has been graded as an ‘A’. The level of support that we can access is highlighted as ‘green’. Being within the ‘green’ band, we are able to access 4 additional support days from the Welsh Government and the Local Authority.

Mr Williams would like to thank pupils, parents, staff and Governing Body members for their support in making Sully Primary School a fantastic place to learn.

Mother’s Day is only a few weeks away – please can we ask for any donations of Mother’s Day gifts to be taken into school as soon as possible labelled PTA Mothers Day. The gifts are sold to the children on the Friday prior to Mother’s Day to raise funds for the PTA and to let them buy a nice gift for their mums.
Other upcoming events include:
09/03/18 – PTA Mothers’ Day Gift sale
25/03/18 – PTA Easter Egg Hunt
11/05/18 – PTA Sponsored Bounce and Spring BBQ
15/06/18 – PTA Fathers’ Day Gift Sale
07/07/18 – PTA Summer Fete

More details will follow closer to the date of each event.

*06/02/18 – Open Afternoon, please see above
07/02/18 – Numeracy workshops, see attached Curriculum Newsletter for details
*08/02/18 – Open Afternoon, please see above
08/02/18 – Y5 JBz trip to MFL event, details on ParentPay

We will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible for all events, but please be aware that these dates could change nearer the time. * denotes an event added this week.

13/02/18 – Y3 HB and Y3 LS/AM trip to Sophia Gardens, details on ParentPay
13/02/18 – Parents’ Evening1
14/02/18 – Parents’ Evening2
19/02 – 23/02/18 – Spring Half-term holiday
09/03/18 – PTA Mothers’ Day Gift sale
25/03/18 – PTA Easter Egg Hunt
29/03/18 – Last day of Spring Term
16/04/18 – First day of Summer Term
11/05/18 – PTA Sponsored Bounce and Spring BBQ
14 – 18/05/18 – Y6 Residential trip to Abernant
28/05 – 01/06/18 – Summer Half-term holiday
15/06/18 – PTA Fathers’ Day Gift Sale
07/07/18 – PTA Summer Fete
20/07/18 – Last day of Summer term for Pupils
23/07/18 – INSET
24/07/18 – INSET

03/09/18 – INSET
04/09/18 – INSET
05/09/18 – First day of new academic year for pupils